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Fast Fix 360

Fast Fix 360

The Fast-Fix 360 Meniscal Repair System offers exceptional fixation strength, easier implant deployment, smaller insertion points, built-in depth penetration limiter and a stiffer needle shaft for enhanced control. All this to help optimize the chances of a successful meniscus repair.

*compared to previous meniscal repair systems

Fast-click, active implant deployment

Unique 360° actuation design enables you to deploy implants in any hand position - vertically, horizontally, on either side of the meniscus - with a fast, smooth advancing motion.
Minimal disruption to the meniscus

Smaller implants and pre-tied, self-sliding knot made of ULTRABRAID◊ 2-0 Suture create smaller needle insertions, reducing disruption to the meniscus.
Low profile with improved control

Low profile, stiffer needle shaft improves control while enabling access and visibility to hard-to-reach areas of the meniscus.
Built-in adjustable depth penetration

Set needle depth penetration from 10 mm to 18 mm with the simple push of a button.
Like its predecessor, the FAST-FIX 360 System has biomechanical properties that reproduce the vertical mattress suture technique. You can count on a strong, reproducible and reliable meniscal repair.