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The Smith & Nephew Xtendobutton Fixation Device, used in conjunction with any Smith & Nephew ENDOBUTTON device, allows a 6 to 10 mm area of the femoral tunnel to be covered. In addition to providing an effective solution for cortical blowouts, this fixation device offers a variety of benefits.

Requires only one primary drill for the entire distance of the femoral tunnel
Low profile fixation – Allows outside-in drilling to avoid growth plates, while still accommodating standard femoral fixation preference.

XtendobuttonFixationDevice_Overview2 1. From the bottom of the XTENDOBUTTON insert the ENDOBUTTON ◊ device through the center hole

XtendobuttonFixationDevice_Overview3 2. Pull the button all the way through

XtendobuttonFixationDevice_Overview4 3. Pull back on the graft or loop to seat within the XTENDOBUTTON