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Biosure Sync

Biosure Sync

The Biosure Sync tibial fixation device was designed to increase the graft fixation strength on the tibial side of ACL reconstructions. This revolutionary device employs an interference screw and outer sheath that works in synchrony to separate and hold up to four strands of tendon firmly in place inside the tibial tunnel. This fixation device is designed to accommodate both single- and double-bundle repairs, as well as primary and revision surgeries.

Built on the principle that greater tendon-to-bone tunnel contact has a positive effect on healing, the BIOSURE SYNC device compresses graft against the bone tunnel walls for 360 degrees of contact.

Design Features
• Screw and sheath made with PEEK Material
• Cortical tab engages the cortex for rigid fixation and prevents sheath from migrating into the tunnel.
• Sheath has four wings that separate and compress soft-tissue graft strands against the bone tunnel as the BIOSURE PK screw is delivered into the sheath
• Sheath threads are designed to help engage screw and ease insertion.
• Barbs on each sheath wing are designed to help discourage graft slippage and prevent post-operative graft laxity.
• Cannulation ensures device is inserted centrally into the bone tunnel.