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Biorci Ha


Biorci Ha screws are offered in a variety of lengths for use with bone-tendon-bone grafts. The 20 and 25 mm length screws are sized for optimal bone-tendon-bone graft fixation.

Designed to hold grafts in place for secure anatomic aperture reconstruction, BIORCI HA screws offer a unique, oversized head design. The oversized head provides additional fixation at anatomic site.

Evolving Ligament Repair
Hydroxylapatite (HA) has been used in skeletal repair in such forms as porous granules, porous blocks, coatings on metal implants, and as granules incorporated in polymeric matrices. By combining the unique design features of the BIORCI HA Screw with the natural bioabsorbability of hydroxylapatite, we are offering the next step in ligament repair.

BIORCI-HA offers a complete line of bioabsorbable screws allowing for multiple approaches of repair and the flexibility to accommodate a variety of anatomical placements.