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Accord Cables de cerclaje

Accord - Cables de cerclaje

The ACCORD◊ Cable System offers a strong and flexible cable; a clamping mechanism that allows for the retensioning of a clamped cable without losing cable or clamp integrity and a wide variety of trochanteric grip options, fracture management plates and stainless steel spikes and screws that allow for adaptation of the cable system to trauma plating systems.

Features and Benefits
19x7 cable configuration
Over/Under Clamping Mechanism - Design does not damage cable and allows for retensioning with a single clamp.
Single-Handed Pump-Action Tensioner - Allows surgeon to tension cables with one hand while also providing a visual tension gauge as well as a tactile response in the surgeon's hand.
Stainless steel spikes and screws - Allows the ACCORD cable to be adapted to trauma plating systems (PERI-LOC◊ System).
Cobalt chrome cable for grips and cable with clamp.
Titanium trochanteric grips and fracture management plates.
Titanium screws if using titanium fracture management plates (26mm- 52mm).
Stainless steel cable with clamp.
Stainless steel cable spikes and screws.