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Echelon No Cementado

Echelon No Cementado

Features and Benefits.
ECHELON revision hip implants are part of a family of femoral stems that address both Primary and Revision indications. With one set of instruments, a variety of stems can be implanted. ECHELON Revision is designed with the goal of providing long-term, pain-free restoration of joint function and normal hip biomechanics.

Clinical Goals
Range of Motion
The system is composed of cementless and cemented implants with lengths ranging from 190-300 mm, and sizes from 11-22mm.

Cobalt Chrome which allows for extensive porous coating of the stem.
RoughCoatTM Coating- sintered bead porous coating allows for scratch fit and stresses the bone for bone in-growth.
Hydroxyapatite - A 50 micron layer of hydroxyapatite is applied to the fully porous coated stem.
Shoulder Relief - ECHELON Revision Hip System has a rounded shoulder, which eases insertion or extraction and reduces the risk of fracture of the greater trochanter.
Coronal Slot - The slot reduces overall stem stiffness, which can mean less stress shielding, less thigh pain and less chance of fracturing the femur upon insertion.
Distal Bullet Tip - The polished distal bullet tip is a smooth transition from the cylindrical portion of the stem which reduces the possibility of impingement or bone on-growth. Both impingement and bone on-growth are associated with thigh pain.
Surgical Simplicity - A simple hip system makes surgery go smoother