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Twinfix Ultra PK

Twinfix Ultra PK

Pullout Strength at its “Peek”

Twinfix ultra pk Suture Anchors from Smith & Nephew provide surgeons with “best in class” pullout strength, a proven high strengthULTRABRAID Suture, and multiple hole preparation options for any bone quality. This combination of strength and versatility will allow surgeons to feel confident with their rotator cuff solution.

Transitional thread design enables secure fixation with distal “cutting” and proximal “locking” threads, which means easy insertion and stronger pullout strength than competitive products1 even in poor quality bone.Loaded with ULTRABRAID suture inside the body of the anchor means stronger knots than competitors with a low profile knot stack.2General hole preparation instrument offers solutions suitable for all qualities of bone.

With a modulus similar to cortical bone, PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio® exhibits an ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness, together with biocompatibility.

1 Data on file at Smith & Nephew: ITR-4206, ITR 4039. ITR-4018 and ITR-4091.
2 Lo, Burkhart, Chan, and Kyriacos Athanasiou, “Arthroscopic Knots: Determining the Optimal Balance of Loop Security and Knot Security,” Arthroscopy 20, no. 5 (May-June 2004): 489-502.