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Twinfix Ultra Ha

Twinfix Ultra Ha

Absorb the benefits of strong, versatile rotator cuff repair.
Twinfix ultra ha suture anchors with ULTRABRAID Suture combine strength, versatility and biocompatibility for optimal rotator cuff repairs.

Transitional thread design provides secure fixation with distal “cutting” threads for easier insertion and proximal “locking” threads for stronger pullout strength, even in poor bone quality.1
The anchor is designed to be supported by the internal driver to optimize force transfer during insertion into bone.
ULTRABRAID Suture provides stronger knot strength than competitivesuture and a low-profile knot stack.2
Multiple anchor sizes: 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm 6.5 mm
Multiple suture configurations; with double or triple ULTRABRAID Sutures.
Specific hole preparation instruments address differing humeral bone quality.
Bio-composite material, PLLA-HA is a natural bone mineral shown to promote bone replacement.3
HA (hydroxyapatite) exists in the body, making it naturally biocompatible.
HA provides a consistent degradation cycle by neutralizing the acidity of the area, allowing higher strength retention over time.4